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"I thought it was a great mix of telling the true Easter story at an age appropriate level with a mix of fun "asides." Job well done!"

Easter Puppet Ministry Variety Show
Rachel P, Director
Trinity Private Preschool & Christian Ed

"The show was fantastic! The entertainment was great and for a reasonable price. The children loved interacting and being helpers during the show."

Christmas Variety Show
Fredda C, Director
The Children's Center
Christmas Puppet Theme Show

"We just want to thank you for spending time with the children and entertaining them with your wonderful Easter program. The children had a great time and are still talking about it! It's people like you who help our children enjoy normal childhood activities during their stay here. We want you to know how much we appreciate your time and generosity."

Catholic Charities
ACT Staff
Easter Puppet Ministry Variety Show

"Thank you for the special Valentine's presentation! The kids at Canyon Creek loved you. We enjoyed laughing, singing, and having FUN! Thank you so much, Mary Canary, for a delightful presentation."

Nancy R, Elem School Teacher
Canyon Creek Christian Academy
Valentine's Day Puppet Ministry Show

"We were thrilled to have Mary Canary present an Im-prop-tu presentation with a camping theme. The kids and adults loved her sense of humor as well as her vivid imagination! It is a joy to have entertainers include the children. Thank you for incorporating our "camping theme" into your presentation.We will definitely see you again!"

Nancy R, School Teacher
Canyon Creek Christian Academy
Camping Theme Show

Puppet Ministry Variety Program

Fun-luvin' puppets (of course!), music, songs, object lessons, gospel type routines and lots of participation from the kids make this a fun and inspirational program. If there is space, Mary brings a puppet stage. Most puppets appear from behind the stage. This adds to the fun. Mary strives to create a program that all kids will enjoy. Kids have fun and are inspired to know and love God.

How long is the show?

30 minutes
45-50 mins
60-65 mins

For a group of preschoolers only, the shorter show is best. 

Everyday is Earth Day:
Taking care of God's green earth

Although April 22nd is officially Earth Day, every day is really Earth Day. Show utilizes a fun and entertaining "recycling center" prop that shows how easy it is to recycle. So easy a 4 yr old can do it! Also includes a tree puppet and other nature-related props. Let's take care of Mother (Nature) the way God intended.

Clownin' Around for Christ:
"A Happy heart makes the face cheerful"

Includes plate spinning, a fun circus animal story, a cool balloon trick that demonstrates how God can penetrate the most hardened heart and so much more. This program would be ideal for a circus theme event, carnival day or anytime of the yr for that matter. Mary dresses as a clown but wears light make-up.

Valentines Day (V-Day): 
Give your Heart to the Lord

This is a sweetheart of a show. Includes inspirational messages, trivia Qs, fun facts about V-Day and other fun stuff.  

Easter: The King has Risen

Note: A show for "preschoolers only" is presented on a very basic level of understanding as possible: That we celebrate Easter because we love Jesus, who died on a cross many yrs ago to save us from sin. On the 3rd day, Jesus rose from the dead to be with His Father in heaven. And someday, all of us who believe in God, will be in heaven.

Christmas: Keeping Christ in Christmas

Mary has performed many a Christmas shows throughout the yrs. This is a fun and inspiring show which includes a candy cane magic rope trick that concludes with an inspirational message, neat storytelling, baby Jesus puppet, fun gospel routines, participation from the kids and, of course other fun-luvin' puppets. This program puts Christ back in Christmas!

Note: For churches and learning ctrs connected to a church, auditorium type seating is ideal. This setting provides more space for both younger and older kids to see the program at the same time. And to see it from a nice and roomy stage!
There are always exceptions to the rule. Toddlers and babies are in a class all their own.