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Kids love balloons!  Mary makes balloons for children of at least 3 years of age and older.  Balloons and babies don't mix.  Safety is of utmost importance while Mary is making balloon figures. If a parent insist that the toddler have a balloon figure, Mary will hand off the balloon to the parent.  It is then their responsibility.  Simple to intermediate balloons are made.  Mary Canary likes to call herself a "balloon twisting entertainer."  You have to entertain the kids first, then make a fairly decent balloon figure.  It's not all about making fancy, smancy balloons, but more about creating a fun and positive memory for the child standing in front of you at any given moment by chit chatting w/them, askin' their name, their fav color, etc.  Balloons don't last but memories do! 

Here is a sample list of balloon figures: swan, flowers, ladybug, pig, bow and arrow, giraffe, elephant, parrot, parrot in a swing, hat, penguin, monkey, sitting rabbit, lion, hummingbird, love birds in a swing, bumble bee, teddy bear, tiger, dragonfly, frog, T-Rex, brontosaurus, sword, dog, poodle, cat, snail, fish and round face balloon on a stick.

Other figures time permitting:
Round face on a body

Blissful Balloons for the King   
45-50 mins (5 yrs of age on up)

Latex balloon figures are made in the show to teach or illustrate a Bible story or message. Kids love pretty balloons. Even adults find balloons entertaining. They are unique and fun tools to teach and inspire.  And esp "wander-ful" for special times of the yr such as Valentine's Day, Easter, VBS or Christ-mas.  Children will become familiar with a couple of bible verses or stories.  How about a sword to teach Hebrews 4:12, "The word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword. It judges the thoughts and actions of the heart." Or how about a fish to tell the story of Jonah? For Christ-mas, a red and white candy cane represents the purity of Jesus and the blood he shed on the cross.  Thus the reason for the season.  These are only a few examples of many.  Music, faith-based routines, props, music and interaction with kids round out the show.

Please Note: For the show above, Mary can bring 50 pre-made one-balloon figures (poodles, dogs) to give to the children after the show.  Balloons are not given to children under three yrs of age due to safety reasons.  The cost of the balloons would be added to the regular rate for each show.

Strolling Entertainment:

Includes walking around with props, comedy magic or a puppet.  This is ideal for a large gathering of adults and kids.  Mary Canary gets to entertains not only the kids, but the adults as well.  Costumed characters include clown, hobo, bag lady, Easter Bunny or Easter Gal, scarecrow and elf. The hobo and bag lady characters are new.  The bag lady is not the traditional bag lady most people think of.  She's a bag lady with a twist!  The bag lady came about as an idea for a single skit at the Texas Clown Association.  Mary won 2nd place in the competition.  See photos and reviews below.

Mary with a single parade prop at the TCA convention, Aug, 2018.  The side w/all the chips, etc were shown first.  Then Mary says, "I love to munch on all my favorite snacks so munch you would think I live in Munchkin Land!"  Then the Munchkin Land side is shown!  This was a fun prop to work on.

Above, Mary performed a single skit titled "Cents."  It was a play on word involving scents and things that don't make sense and finally cents.  The blow off: "I told you I had a lot of "cents".  As Mary says this, she shows big poster board with a lot of coins on it.  

The chicken puppet above was "laying" in a baking dish (baked chicken).  Toilet paper rolls were in a bread tray (fresh rolls).  Wonderful "scents".  Mary won 2nd place in the competition at the TCA convention, Aug, 2018. 


"We had a great turnout and you were part of our success. We always look forward to having you and the other ladies join us each yr. The patients and families enjoy seeing you. You are part of the show. It's hard to cram so many activities into a 2.5 hour time frame, but you all do so good. Patients and families always look forward to the clowns. Thanks again Mary."

Cindy H
Business Operations Assistant
Baylor Health Services Transplant Reunion
Strolling Entertainment & Balloon Twisting

"I would highly recommend Mary Canary. She arrived early to set up, which is important to a Marketing Director who needs everything to fall into place. She wore such a fun and creative costume that fit perfectly with our theme. She engaged with the guests, both young and old, which is truly a talent. You could tell she was enjoying herself and having fun with the guests, which made it even more fun for them. Love her sense of humor! We plan to contact you as soon as another opportunity arises."

Tami S
Marketing Director
Strolling Entertainment & Balloon Twisting

"Thank you for such great service.  The kids loved the balloons.  I hope to work with you again in the future.  You were awesome.  God bless you and your husband."

Patrice F
Sweet Lady J Entertainment
Balloon Twisting

"Mary, thank you so much for coming to our Pumpkin Fest event.  You did a wonderful job talking with the children and making them feel special and loved.  I will certainly keep you in mind for future events."

Roxanne B
Children's Ministry Director
St John Lutheran Church
Balloon Twisting

"Hey Mary, I just wanted to say Thank You so much for being part of our Arbor Daze event!  As usual you were a big hit!  Thank you and I look forward to working with you  in the near future."

Sonja H
Recreation Program Coodinator
Euless Parks and Rec
Balloon Twisting

"Thank you again for being part of our Back to School Event.  You were a hit!"

Natashia C
Events Coordinator
MLK Dallas Dream Forward
Balloon Twisting

"They loved us and want us back.  You out shined the other magician.  Thank you so much."

Carrie R
Balloon Artist and Booking Agent
Alcuin School event
Strolling Entertainment

"Mary, I knew it was a great day when I saw all the smiles on the kids faces and your participation in The Walk to Defeat ALS was a contributing factor. On behalf of The ALS Association, I would like to thank you for making a great day so fun for the children. Thank you for adding the "fun factor" and the smiles to our event."

David L. W
The ALS Association, North TX Chapter
Balloon Twisting

"Mary is a well know clown and entertainer here at Bethesda Gardens.  She makes balloons, "clowns" around with the little kids and big kids (residents) and gets everyone involved in her antics.  Everyone has fun and enjoys it.  Thank you."

Daniella T
Activity Director
Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living
Strolling Ent & Balloon Twisting
Puppet & Music Show