Mary Canary Puppetry Classes
Mary Canary and her beloved puppet pals are tickled to make available unique and fun puppetry classes. We have a variety of pupps: hand, stick, non- talking, animal, people, etc. The basic one hour classes are geared towards children, 8-12 and are divided into two sessions/different days. The lecture part of the workshop will be kept around 15 minutes in order for the kids to have more time handling a puppet. A class size of about 18-20 kids who have expressed a strong desire to handle a puppet would be ideal. A bigger class size is most welcome but not all the kids may get a chance to work with a puppet.  However, there are some who will just want to sit back and watch the other children.
Finally, there might be a few kids in the workshop who have expressed a desire to handle a puppet but get cold feet. Below is a general outline of topics to be covered. The starting rate of these sessions are reasonable.  Contact us for rate.

Session I:  

  *  Puppets have a History and go thru a Stage (types of stages)
  *  Puppet Types and Character Voices
  *  Give your Puppet a Hand! (your turn)

Session II:

  *  Adding Props, Music and Themed Programs
  *  Give your Puppet a Hand! (your turn)

Due to space restrictions, only two children at a time will be allowed behind the puppet stage. The puppet stage is a tri-fold, 4 ft by 7 ft.  An electrical outlet will be needed not far from the stage for sound.  

1) To get kids interested in puppetry as a means of expression
2) To inspire the next generation of budding puppeteers
3) To keep the art of puppetry alive and well

Classroom Rules:
1)  Only 2 kids allowed behind the stage at any given time
2)  No talking during the class lecture
3)  No talking while students are behind the stage
4)  No chewing gum in classroom
5) Handle each puppet with upmost care by treating the puppet as a teaching/entertainment tool, not a toy
6)  Respect each other and all students who are working with a puppet
7)  Hold all Qs until the end of the workshop

Puppets are fun and are delightful tools that entertain and teach.  Please contact us through this site or email (at the top of each pg) w/any Qs

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding cities
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