Company's Values:

1) To provide high-quality family friendly entertainment for kids and adults
2) To provide puppet shows for kids that entertain, teach and inspire
3) To give our customers the very best value possible for their investment of time and money
4) To provide reasonable rates for all customers 
5) To be easy and flexible to work: no deposits required, pymt made upon arrival to venue

The Entertainer:

All through elementary and high school, Mary was the proverbial class clown.  In 1999, she enrolled in a UT Arlington Continuing Education clowning class.  She had never met a "clown" before, even though she had always been one at heart and at birth. The instructor wanted class members to come up with a clown name, thus, "Mary Canary" was born. In 2000 or 2001, she started "clowning" as a hobby, and in 2003, became a professional, performing at birthday parties for kids.  Mary has been working with puppets for many yrs.  She has a passion for puppets and stand-up comedy.  She is a "natural" ham. Natural, not "cured".  The advice she gives to new "clowns" or family entertainers is that it's not all about the costume, although you want to look nice, it's more about the entertainment value and the impact you have on people your'e entertaining at any given moment.  For a birthday party or balloon gig, for the most part, Mary is donned in a clown costume. For other gigs, clothing attire includes a colorful shirt, jacket or dress jeans.  And perhaps a hat.  Mary is a member of a local clown alley in Arlington and has won awards in parade and skit competitions at the TX Clown Assoc convention and Clown Jam. In addition to being a comedic entertainer, she is also a home health medical social worker. 

There are no rates listed on your website.  What is your cost?

Rates are not listed on the site because of different factors: the location, what type of show it is, etc. Rest assured all rates are very reasonable.

Do you require a deposit?


We're wanting a show for adults that is family friendly and contains no blue material.  Do you offer this type of show?

Of course!  All shows or programs are family friendly and presented in good taste.

We want stand-up comedy  for our company event.  Can you incorporate a theme?

No matter what type of event you might be having, Mary can incorporate your company's theme into the show. For example, a pizza restaurant would have a few jokes about pizza and would have a pizza prop that would demonstrate how the restaurant can beat out the competition..  For a bank or financial institution, a few jokes on banking would be included.  A Christmas party would include Christmas jokes and/or props.  A real fun show!

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding cities
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