Puppetry Basics 101 Educational Workshop for children ages, 8-12 
60 minutes in length


1)  A few puppet pals of mine
2)  Welcome to Puppetry Basics 101: History of puppets
3)  Types of puppets
4)  Where in the World do I buy a puppet?
5)  Giving my puppet a voice and character
6)  Adding props and music
7)  Types of stages
8)   How can I learn more about puppets?
9)   Any Qs
10)  Your turn: Give your puppet a hand!

The workshop topics above are just a rough guideline as this workshop is brand new.  Mary is excited to share her love of puppetry with youth. The age old art of puppetry has been teaching and inspiring children for generations. Mary's hope in presenting this educational workshop is to get as many kids interested in puppetry as possible.  Not only in learning about puppetry, but having a hands-on experience with various types of puppets.  Small class sizes of 10-12 children would be ideal. This would provide an opportunity for all of the children to be involved.  Please contact us through this site or email (at the top of each pg) us for more info. The starting rate for this workshop is very reasonable.  

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding cities
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