The fun and educational "Give My Puppet a Hand" Basic 101 puppetry workshops for school age kids, 8-12

60 minutes in length

General Topics:

  1)   Puppets have a History
  2)  Puppets go thru a Stage (types of stages)
  3)  Puppet types and where to find a Pupp
  4)  Characters & Voices
  5)  Adding Props & Music
  6)  Themed Programs
  7)  Give your Puppet a Hand (your turn)

Mary Canary and several of her puppet pals will start out the workshop behind the puppet stage performing a short set.  The topics above will then be covered with an opportunity for the kids to ask Qs and try their hand at puppetry. The age old art of puppetry has been teaching and inspiring children for generations. The purpose of these workshops is to get as many kids interested in puppetry as possible in order to keep the art alive.  Children will have an opportunity to learn the basics, acquire a new skill, and have a ball to boot! A small group of 10-12 children would provide an opportunity for each child to participate that wants to. Bigger groups would be fine as well, however, not everybody would get a chance to try their hand at it.  Please contact us through this site or email (at the top of each pg) w/any Qs

Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and surrounding cities
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