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On this page you will find information about puppet variety theme shows, games and balloons. Customer reviews are listed here as well. If you have a different puppet theme in mind, let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your theme.  We also have puppet theme shows on our ministry page that can be performed as a generic program. We have done various themes over the yrs: Be a Buddy, not a Bully, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Bugs, Camping, Day at the Zoo, Paw Patrol, etc.  

What is your Puppet Variety Theme Shows like?

Includes fun-luvin' puppets (of course!), music, songs, a little dancing, it's interactive, comedy magic tricks or routines & teaching components (especially childcare LCs).  If there is space, Mary brings a portable puppet stage or a rectangular card table. A trifold is set on top of table. The  portable puppet stage is a tri-fold as well (made of foam board) and is 4 ft by 7 ft. Most puppets appear behind the stage which adds to the fun. Mary strives to create a show that all ages will enjoy. It's a fast paced show and loads of fun.

How long is the show?

We offer three different options to fit your needs and budget.

35-40 mins
45-50 mins
60-65 mins

If it's a group of very young children, the 30 min or 45 min show is best. Mary strives to have a few props or routines that the older kids and adults would also enjoy. The puppets are an integral part of the show but the other parts of the show are fun as well.  That's why we call it a puppet variety theme show!  That's a mouthful! We have puppets of all shapes, sizes, objects and colors.

Birthday Parties:
(same hours as above)
The show usually opens with a comedy magic routine or song. If the child is old enough, he or she will assist Mary with the magic routine. Sometimes an older brother or sister helps out. Mary has two surprises in store for the birthday child. Both surprises are given to the birthday child during the course of the show. When the show is over, the STAR of the show is now ready to have some of his or her delicious birthday cake!

Note: Parents, we have 2 other options for birthday parties: Games and Balloons,
(see Balloon pg for more info!). Games can also be combined with balloons if there is enough time. You can relax because the kids will stay "buzzy" and out of hot water!

Games: You've Got Game!
60 mins
Limbo, Hot Potato, Musical Chairs, Parachute Game, Potato Sack Race, Freeze Dance, Tug-O-War, etc.  So many games, so little time!  Music and lots of participation from all the kiddos.

Balloon Twisting
60 mins
Simple to intermediate balloon figures are made. There are pics on the balloon pg.  It's best that children under 3 yrs of age not be given balloons because they can choke if the balloon is accidentally put in their mouths. It's a matter of being safe. If you book 3 hrs or more on the same day, a discount would apply. All kids love pretty balloons! Even adults admire the art.

​Puppet Theme Variety Programs

Whiskers the Rabbit, Puff the Rabbit, Easter Eggs & Jelly Beans.....Oh My! 
Kids get to meet a sweet rabbit puppet who appears out of a top hat. He tries to do a few magic tricks but needs help from the kids. They will hear a tale of a bunny who went down the bunny trail looking for carrots. And boy, did she find 'em! The kids will help make "jelly beans" appear on a hanky or two. The show has a surprise ending for the kids: Puff the Magical Rabbit (yes, a real rabbit!) "magically" appears in a production box. This is a fast paced show that is a boatload of Spring and/or Easter fun. 

Funny Farm
Puppets include hen, chicken, dog, pig, etc. All about the farm. A funny show with educ components.

Octopus, clam, shark, angler fish, etc.  Hope to get a video of these guys down the road, so to speak. 

There is a video of the Alien puppets.  Click on the link, "Aliens Adventure".  This show is all about aliens and space.  A fun adventure.

ElvisElementary:Rockin'Rollin'&Readin' Book puppet, Hound dog puppet, boy puppet who tries to sing like Elvis, fun library routine, music, dancing,etc.  This show encourages children's desire to read. That reading is a "cool" thing to do.  Reading rocks!

Patriotic: The Red,   & Blue
This is a patriotic show where the children get to meet a so-called "patriotic" bird who thinks he knows all about American history but gets the facts wrong each and every time. Not to worry, the kids will set him on the right path. They will also help Mary in producing old Glory, the Grand Ole Flag. A fun show that blends a little history and love of our great country.

Christmas Puppet Variety Show: 
Elfa the Elf & a Mischievous Mouse
Mary has performed many a Christmas shows throughout the yrs. This is a fun and special show filled with Christmas stories, songs, a mischievous and nosy mouse, candy cane rope trick, a "magical" drawing board that brings Frosty to life and a Picture Frame that shows Santa and his bag of toys on top of a roof. Wait a minute, you can't see Santa and his toy bag very good at all. There's no color? Help! Lots of participation from the kids make this a truly magical show. 


"Mary Canary was the best entertainment for my daughter's show. My daughter loved the magic tricks and the puppets! We had a wonderful time dancing and laughing along with Mary! She is the best!"

Alicia H and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

​"Mary Canary was a wonderful clown. Fantastic job! My favorite part was the magic tricks with the kids! Very entertaining and interactive with the children, and even funny for the adults. She was on time and very professional. Affordable too. We the Plantz family would recommend her."

Rachael P and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

​"Thanks for being great."

Amber F and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"I think the show was awesome. You did a very good job keeping the kids entertained with all your music and dancing. The kids enjoyed it very much and I really think the value of the show was worth it. I would be pleased to have you back an another one of my birthday parties."

Jessica R and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"Hi Mary, thanks again for a great show! The kids really enjoyed it. Thanks again for all the little touches and effort that you put in to make his day special. He is really enjoying the sweet bag you made for him. Take care."

Cory B and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"A very energetic show. Lots of audience participation. You had everybody up dancing and involved. Very funny props! Things kept moving along very smoothly. You always had our full attention!"

Lacy F and Family
Birthday Party
Elvis Comedy Show

"Anise keeps saying, "I had the best birthday party ever." I felt the show was fun. Thank you very much for showing us a good time."

Andrea M and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"Mary, I enjoyed your clown program a lot. We will have you back at a later point as a clown. Thanks."

Karen S
Activity Director
Broadway Plaza at Pecan Park 
Clown Show

"Mary, I really enjoyed your show. June told me she liked the puppets the best. She still talks about you and has really enjoyed her gift bag of goodies. We will definitely keep you in mind for our next party. Randy, my husband's stepfather will be 49 this year. I think he would enjoy and Elvis show! We will keep in touch. Thank you!"

Monica Y and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"When there are so many entertainers who rely on well-known props or costumes for material, Mary relies on her own original material and uses it to great effect on her audience. A favorite part of the show was watching a four-year old get "taken" by a magic trick for the first time!"

Kelly G and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"Our favorite part of the show was the puppets. We loved it all. I think you do a great job! We would definitely have you back again. Thanks for the memories."

Angelina S and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"We were very pleased with your show. The children and parents were highly entertained. It was wonderful."

Danielle O and Staff
Children's Courtyard Childcare Center
Clown/Puppet Variety Show

"You did a great job involving my one-year old daughter. My favorite part was the magic tricks. Yes, we would have you back again!"

Meera K and Family
Birthday Party Puppet Show

"Thank you so much Mrs Mary for a wonderful show! Everyone absolutely loved you! We are looking forward to inviting you again in the future."

Mariya K and Family
Christmas Birthday Party Puppet Show

"The show was fantastic!  The entertainment was great and for a reasonable price. The children loved interacting and being helpers during the show."

Christmas Variety Show
Fredda C, Director
The Children's Center
Christmas Puppet Theme Show