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It's Festival Time!

by Mary Canary on 09/13/17

In the Fall, I'm busy with festivals and other outdoor events.  When you book 3 hrs of balloons on the same day you get a nice discount.  Everybody likes saving some dough!  

Scary Clown Movie IT is back

by Mary Canary on 09/13/17

This old Stephen King movie has returned from the dead.  "Real" Clowns are nothing like this at all.  Most people know this but a movie like this gives true clowns a bad rap. King must not like clowns at all.  Give us a chance Mr King!  Surely, you could make a film about any other kind of character than a clown?  How about TV characters such as the Desperate Housewives or the Kardashians?  They love attention!  Anything but a clown!    

Not all Clowns have gone nuts

by Mary Canary on 10/05/16

A friend brought it to my attention the other day that there was this guy dressed in a scary clown mask that attacked a man at a park in Plano.  She saw the news story on Channel 8. I begin to investigate all this for myself.  Sure enough, there were a few stories about someone dressed in a scary clown mask and suit that have wreaked havoc on others.  Just read in the newspaper last night that the "situation has become serious enough to warrant an FBI investigation."  It stated that several schools were targeted with online threats from "clowns."  And that a 7th grade student was removed from a Corpus Christi school after encouraging others to dress up as clowns and "commit acts of violence."   This all adds fuel to the fire!  A majority of people are scared of clowns already, so these news stories don't help our cause!  There are many, many prof and hobby clowns who are out there in pretty costumes and make-up that are definitely not scaring anyone or breaking the law.  We are law-abiding citizens doing what we love to do: bringing smiles and laughter to kids of all ages.  Clowns get a bad rap for sure but as long as there are kids around, I will keep clowin'' up, crackin' jokes and being silly.

International Ventriloquist Convention: puppets rule!

by Mary Canary on 08/03/16

Earlier this month my spouse and I attended for the first time the 40th International Ventriloquist ConVention in Hebron Ky.  There were just under 700 people at this convention, from all over the country.  Not all people who attended were vents. However, the ventriloquists who did the shows and workshops were top notch professionals. We got to see Terry Fator.  He did a class on creativity.  There were many kids at this convention.  I enjoyed talking to the kids to see how long they've been working with puppets and to meet their new "friends". One 13 yr old boy told me he had a stuttering problem when he was younger.  He started using puppets to as a way to help him overcome the problem.  He was holding a very nice vent figure (a "man") who had a suit on.  There were some kids who showcased their ventriloquism skill for a panel of judges.  The kids received positive comments and critiques from the judges.  With this many people at the convention, it brought home the realization of just how popular puppets are.  How puppets teach, inspire and puppet at a time.     

Are you a "real" clown?

by Mary Canary on 04/28/16

At a balloon gig not long ago a 6 or 7 yr old girl asked me the proverbial Q: Are you a real clown?  I said, "of course, you see my elbows?  Those are real!  I also breathe, eat and sleep.  I'm very real"!  While making balloon figures, I'm always crackin' jokes and one-lines with both kids and adults standing in front of me.  Heck, anybody within ear shot really.  A bit later, the little girl said, "you are a real clown."  It goes to show that a costume or colorful clothing does not make one a true clown or entertainer.  Relating to your audience and providing the best entertainment possible does.