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Welcome to Mary Canary Comedy Entertainment - when you need top-notch entertainment that folks love.

Mary Canary is a professional clown and puppeteer who has been providing high quality children's entertainment for around 14 years. Mary Canary is a name you'll need to remember if you want everyone to have a fun and inspiring  time at your next event.  You can't go wrong with her witty and family-friendly humor. Entertainment includes puppet  variety theme shows, puppet variety programs w/Christian message, balloon twisting and balloon ministry. Costumed characters include clown, elf, hobo, bag lady, Easter bunny or Easter/Spring gal. The bag lady character is not the traditional bag lady.  She's a bag lady with a twist.
It goes without saying that Mary Canary is passionate when it comes to puppets.  And why wouldn't she be? They're so much fun. Skills include puppetry, balloon art, character voices, singing and prop comedy.

The company's goal is to meet the specific entertainment needs of each and every customer. Mary's strong suit (not that she wears suits) is her sense of humor.  We cover Tarrant County and eight additional counties: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Johnson, Parker and Wise.   

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Mary has a boatload of puppets to fit most every taste.  In the above "family" photo, unfortunately, not all of the members could be included. A few were under the weather and some were just not available. A 45-50 puppet variety show will have around 5-6 puppets.  These are variety shows, so other things are added to the mix: storytelling props,a song or two, object lessons, interaction from the kids, etc.  So many puppets so little time!     

For inquiries or to book, fill in the "Contact Us" box above, email us at 
turnercanary57@att.net  or call 817-319-4967.  Please leave a message.
Clown, Puppeteer, Puppet Whisperer, Licensed Master Social Worker